Thursday, November 19, 2015

Adulas Cottages

Acadia has just introduced 20 new single-family cottage home plans hand-picked for Adulas Drive in our new Saluda Run neighborhood.  We are excited about the unique look and feel for this Cottage Row, including our Rain Gardens, innovative naturally-watered landscape features. There are a variety of styles and floor plans (no 2 are the same) priced from $375K to $475K, including land, home and landscaping. Each cottage is rear-loaded by alley. 5 of the 20 are already under custom contract, so come soon to find the perfect plan for you.  Maintenance-free services are available.  Buyer’s agents are welcome, protected and rewarded in Acadia. 

Photo Courtesy of Ryan Fitzgerald
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Thursday, November 12, 2015

Gatehouses Galore

Many lovely, unique GateHouses are being built in Acadia. These spacious homes are all unique and customized to your taste and budget, from 2600 to 2800 heated square feet, starting in the $380s. Acadia also offers the GateHouse as a single-family home on your own lot. Acadia’s new Sales & Design Centre is an example of a larger 3300 hsf GateHouse. 8 GateHouses are under construction, 5 are sold, and another 4 are planned to start in February on Fathers Drive. 6 more Gatehouses will be built thereafter on Cushing Street. All of our GateHouses are rear-loaded by alley, Energy-Star efficient, aging-in-place accessible and elevator-ready. No two are the same in exterior look or floor-plan. Maintenance-free services are available. More information at, or email

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Friday, November 6, 2015

Got Wood?

There’s a new sawmill coming to Acadia. Acadia’s developer (Caleb), site manager (Scott) and construction manager (Chris) got the smart idea to recycle much of the timber that is taken off lots as new homes are built in our Acadia community. They plan to recycle trees into lumber, post beams, walkways & bridges, mantels & benches. Just as soon as this brain-trust can figure out how to operate their new equipment, the Acadia Sawmill should be in business. The rest of us are trying to keep a straight face. Fortunately, 84 Lumber is nearby.

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Monday, November 2, 2015

Fall Foliage on the Blue Ridge Parkway

Acadia is only an hour away from the Blue Ridge Mountains, which offer many beautiful vistas to view the changing Fall leaves. This season, the colors of Fall will only be around briefly, but are expected to be especially brilliant. The drive up Highway 215 from Rabun, NC to the Blue Ridge Parkway, then to Asheville, is a perfect route to enjoy the sights. On the way back from Asheville on I-26, discover the Sierra Nevada Brewery; just make sure you have a designated driver to help get you back home.
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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Hot Chili and Costumes on Parade

          On All Hallows Eve, it is all too easy to fill up on candy. So, in addition to tricks and treats, every year Acadians prepare something a bit heartier. Our annual Chili/Soup Cook-off will be held at the Pavilion on Saturday October 31st at 4:30 pm. As the neighborhood grows, more and more cooks show off their wares, so be sure to work up an appetite. With the variety of people comes a wide variety of styles: Beef, Chicken, Pork, Turkey or Venison; various vegetables and legumes; and several secret blends of herbs and spices. The rest of the neighborhood selflessly takes on the task of judging each concoction, several times if need be. While costumes are not required, they are always enjoyed, so put on your October best and join us at the Pavilion.  

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Introducing IMED, the Future of Greenville, SC

Big news has started to excite the Greenville Market. The Greenville Health System has recently been working on a new initiative that they have dubbed IMED. IMED, which stands for "Innovations in Medical Economic Development" and which will be rolling out over the next several years, is projected to attract potential employers in all of these major life science and biomedical industrial fields: medical devices, diagnostics, biomedical laboratory services, pharma-/nutra-ceuticals, digital healthcare technologies, and healthcare-related service/distribution centers.

The initiative is set to be a public-private venture which will be a major catalyst for the already strong biomedical industry in the Upstate of South Carolina. The model that the Greenville Health System currently has for IMED, has the initiative set on over 1,000 acres and will initially be anchored on two main campuses, IMED 1 and IMED 2.

To find out more about IMED and the advancements that the Greenville Health System is making, please visit their IMED site at or go to to learn more about the Greenville Health System.

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Saturday, October 17, 2015

Welcome to Acadia

Acadia Community
 Greenville County, South Carolina

Discover Acadia…Laid Back, Outdoor Lifestyle…
Beautiful Neighborhoods, Friendly Neighbors…
Affordable Homes, and More Amenities than you can Imagine!
Only 10 Minutes from Downtown Greenville…
Come Discover Life in Balance!
          Acadia is a new-homes community in Greenville, South Carolina, where southern hospitality is sincerely meant.  Since 2005, Acadian families share an appreciation of neighborhood, and enjoy a community of interests.

          Acadia balances its beautiful wooded surroundings with quality homes and elegant designs, in five neighborhoods spread over 340 acres.   A respect for land and neighbor guides Acadia’s vision, thoughtfully developing one of the finest neighborhoods of new homes in Greenville, South Carolina.  You will appreciate how we save trees, protect wildlife (deer, ducks & wild turkey), landscape with native plants, and preserve over a third of our land for green spaces, parks and trails.   Acadia enjoys an abundance of natural resources – miles of frontage on the Saluda River (part of the National Federal Heritage Corridor for the South), woodlands, creeks and ponds to enhance your outdoor experience.  Leave your car in the garage, and come walk, jog, bike, and kayak around Acadia.

          Today, every amenity you could hope for is already in place at Acadia, from pools to soccer field & tennis courts, Pavilion, RiverHouse, PaddleHouse, and much more.  Acadia’s master plan includes a small village of shops and offices for a real live-work lifestyle.  Perhaps the best amenity Acadia has to offer is time - more time to spend with your family & friends.  Only ten minutes from downtown Greenville, Acadia is close to hospitals, airports and shopping.  Less time spent commuting makes for a more balanced life, in Acadia. 

          Acadian homes reflect the best in South Carolina home construction, thanks to our Acadia’s Builders Guild.  Acadia encourages a variety of styles and colors (no two homes are the same), with guidelines and approved builders to ensure quality construction and property values.   Spacious Arts & Crafts townhomes from the $270’s, European-styled condominiums planned from the low $200’s, English Cottages from the $350’s, and unique custom luxury homesites from $85 to $135 thousand, with custom homes from the $375’s up.  Acadia offers a wide range of Greenville, South Carolina homes for sale that are right-sized for your budget and lifestyle.  Acadia is the ideal setting for retired and active families with children, for singles, for young and old alike, a true community for everyone.

          To learn more about Acadia’s lots and homes for sale in Greenville, South Carolina, give Acadia a call now at (864) 269-1011.  Come visit Acadia soon, and let us give you a personal tour, so you may discover for yourself Life in Balance. Schedule a tour at or by calling the number above.

About the Developers:

          Caleb and Mary Freeman created the master plan for their Acadia Community, founded in 2005.  As a native Greenvillian, Caleb grew up working and playing on the land that is now Acadia.  A special place to the Freeman family, Caleb & Mary live in Acadia.  So do his parents, and many of his Greenville friends.  Streets are named after Freeman family members.  The John Holland PlayField is dedicated to Caleb’s mentor, who died in 1986.  As you can see, Acadia is personal, and the Freeman family commitment to Acadia’s thoughtful development extends to the Greenville community at large.

          The Freemans created the tax-exempt Acadia Community Foundation to preserve the environmental and civic life along the Saluda River basin.  With botanists and natural resource experts from Clemson University and Upstate Forever, they lead kayak day-trips on the Saluda River. Highlighting how to balance development with the river’s ecosystem, Acadia is a model for environmentally sensitive growth.  Acadia hosts several educational events each year, such as the Urban Farms Tour, on-site conferences for Urban Land Institute, US Green Builders, American Institute of Architects, and others. Play is important to life’s balance, too, so Acadia hosts annual Blues and Jazz festivals at the Acadia Pavilion.

          Greenville is ranked 3rd in the nation as one of the “Most Giving Cities in the US”.  Acadia contributes toward that well-deserved reputation.  The Freemans are especially proud of the gifts that their fellow Acadians have made to cancer care and research.  It all started with Dragon Boats.  Caleb was introduced to this festive sport by his friends on the Canadian World Cup team, when he sponsored and raced with a dragon boat youth team in Halifax, Nova Scotia.  In 2006, the Freemans launched Dragon Boating to the Upstate of South Carolina, and the Canadian champions came to coach.  Now in its 9th year in Greenville, this festival has raised over $1.3 million for Greenville Hospital System’s Cancer Care & Research efforts. Greenville Hospital is recognized for its world-class progress in the fight against cancer.  Cancer survivors, their doctors & caregivers, along with their families & friends join major corporate sponsors like CountyBank, Grainger, and Ortec, for this annual event.  Dragon Boating brings out the best of Greenville’s civic pride.

          The Acadia Community today is a new-homes community of over 90 families. Already, Acadia is making a difference in how Greenville lives, works, plays and gives.  As Acadia grows into a planned community of 650 families, their civic contributions show how “Life in Balance” is more than a mere motto to the Acadians of Greenville, SC.

Did you know that Greenville, SC, home of the Acadia Community, is:

Ø Listed as the 6th Best Place to Live in America by RelocateAmerica

Ø One of Forbes Top 10 for America’s Best Downtown 2011

Ø Ranked 3rd by Scarborough Research as one of the Most Giving Cities in the US

Ø Honored in Sunshine Artist Magazine as No. 31 of 200 for best fine art & design shows in the country

Ø Ranked 21st as the Best Cities for Jobs

Ø Ranked 13th by Forbes Magazine as one of the Best Cities for Young Professionals

Ø Listed No. 5 “Most Fun, Affordable City” by Better Homes & Gardens Real Estate

For more interesting information about Greenville, please go to
        Departments/Department of Public Information & Events/“News Articles Published About Greenville

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