Monday, December 28, 2015

Farm to Acadian Tables

H&G Farms, just down the road from Acadia, has fresh produce ready to deliver this holiday season, and throughout the year. Bryant Harrison and Caleb Freeman just picked this beautiful broccoli this morning, and the collards are in just in time for New Year’s. If you are interested please email Bryant at with your order, and they will deliver this week for your pickup at our Acadia office, 1 Village Mews.
Be sure and mention that you are in Acadia to get these great prices: Broccoli $2.25/lb., Collards $2.00/bunch, Kale $4.00/lb., Cabbage $1.25/lb. and Sweet Potatoes $1.00/ lb. It doesn't get any fresher than this. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year’s to all Acadians from your friends at H&G Farms.

Thursday, December 24, 2015

We Are, After All, Neighbors

     Jim & Sheroyn McCormac are building their cottage home in Acadia, on Adulus Drive.  Can’t miss Jim - he drives that cool Mini Cooper sports car. I recently met his son, Rupert McCormac and his wife Jessica.  They have 4 young children and a fifth on the way.   Small world… Jessica’s father is my old friend, Rick Wylie.  We grew up together here in Greenville, and Rick says he could tell stories from our high school days.  I want to quickly point out that Rick is prone to exaggeration, should he get to sharing any such story.

Rupert & Jess live in River Reserve, our neighbors across the Saluda River from Acadia.  Or they did until this week.  It was their house that burnt to the ground. They were home that evening; the 2 little ones asleep upstairs, and the others watching a Christmas movie.  Rupert heard a strange sound, and noticed the stairwell wall was warm when he went to check on the little ones.  Long night made short, everyone got out quick and safe, but all their belongings were lost.
The Fire Marshall is investigating, and it seems the fire started in the upper chimney area.  But none of that matters right now, only that everyone is safe.  The McCormacs have been showered with cloths and support from their neighbors and friends, for which they are moved and grateful.  This Christmas, they will be together at Rick Wylie’s home.  I imagine that is blessing enough, having the family all together.
This weekend, Rupert & Jess will move their family into Acadia.  They will live in Keller Freeman’s home at 101 Fathers Drive while they plan and build their new home.  So be sure to welcome all the McCormacs, your newest neighbors, to Acadia.  Their story has me and Mary counting our blessings this holiday season.  Merry Christmas to all our Acadian neighbors.
---Caleb Freeman, Christmas Eve, 2015---

Saturday, December 5, 2015

Tennis Anyone?

Many Acadians enjoy playing tennis, and some are quite competitive. Please let Caleb know if you enjoy tennis and want to discuss the possibility of a new tennis complex in Phase 3, the Gardens neighborhood in Acadia. Please email Caleb at
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Thursday, December 3, 2015

Introducing the Acadia Landscaping Team

Alec and Anna Worthington founded the Acadia Landscaping Company this year. They maintain the Common Areas and Townhomes in Acadia.  Beginning in Fall of 2016, they plan to offer residential services to all Acadian residents.  If you have any questions about landscaping or would like a quote, please email Alec at

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Thursday, November 19, 2015

Adulas Cottages

Acadia has just introduced 20 new single-family cottage home plans hand-picked for Adulas Drive in our new Saluda Run neighborhood.  We are excited about the unique look and feel for this Cottage Row, including our Rain Gardens, innovative naturally-watered landscape features. There are a variety of styles and floor plans (no 2 are the same) priced from $375K to $475K, including land, home and landscaping. Each cottage is rear-loaded by alley. 5 of the 20 are already under custom contract, so come soon to find the perfect plan for you.  Maintenance-free services are available.  Buyer’s agents are welcome, protected and rewarded in Acadia. 
Photo Courtesy of Ryan Fitzgerald
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Thursday, November 12, 2015

Gatehouses Galore

Many lovely, unique GateHouses are being built in Acadia. These spacious homes are all unique and customized to your taste and budget, from 2600 to 2800 heated square feet, starting in the $380s. Acadia also offers the GateHouse as a single-family home on your own lot. Acadia’s new Sales & Design Centre is an example of a larger 3300 hsf GateHouse. 8 GateHouses are under construction, 5 are sold, and another 4 are planned to start in February on Fathers Drive. 6 more Gatehouses will be built thereafter on Cushing Street. All of our GateHouses are rear-loaded by alley, Energy-Star efficient, aging-in-place accessible and elevator-ready. No two are the same in exterior look or floor-plan. Maintenance-free services are available. More information at, or email

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Friday, November 6, 2015

Got Wood?

There’s a new sawmill coming to Acadia. Acadia’s developer (Caleb), site manager (Scott) and construction manager (Chris) got the smart idea to recycle much of the timber that is taken off lots as new homes are built in our Acadia community. They plan to recycle trees into lumber, post beams, walkways & bridges, mantels & benches. Just as soon as this brain-trust can figure out how to operate their new equipment, the Acadia Sawmill should be in business. The rest of us are trying to keep a straight face. Fortunately, 84 Lumber is nearby.

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